NEW BRIGHTON EGG RUN 2003..............NOT!!!!!!!!!

Most people slightly feigned surprise when 16th March was named as the day of the New Brighton Egg Run. As it was a regular jaunt for the Kings we or should I say a sadistic member of the club who obviously does not have children set the meet time for 8:30. Oh! brilliant, standing around for an hour and a half until everyone else arrives like last year. At least we'll be first in the queue at the coffee vans.

Having set the wrong date the person who shall remain nameless narrowly escaped a lynch mob by realising in time to ring everyone the night before . Babysitters booked, arrangements made, weather permitting it was decided to have a run anyway.

Meeting at 10:00am (yippee a sleep in!) the visitors to the club run were treated to an explanation of Club policy for waiting at junctions to prevent anyone getting left behind. it was not felt however the point hit home when six of the visitors shot off at break neck speed just managing to get through the lights whilst the rest were still putting helmets on. As no one had carefully planned a route (no change there then!) the lead changed periodically depending on whoever knew where they were for the next three miles. Various stops to catch up, U Turns and discussions later the cafe serving hot nourishing food where we hoped to meet up was getting nearer. Confusion was not helped by the fact that most of Cheshire, Wales and surrounding areas also decided to go for a bike ride on the same day. Which resulted in our group of 8 dropping to 6 (two took a different turn) and at times becoming 14 or more as various bike joined us at junctions.

Over tea and various cakes later there was much amusement at what had been a quickly arranged, slightly disorganised but never the less enjoyable run (no change there then!).