I want to tell you a story: Report and pictures by OZ (Ian)

Let me set the scene for you: Dave’s bike had some problem with the starter motor and had to go into HD’s at Stockport.

The long and short of it is this:

Dave’s bike is in Stockport ; Dave’s in winsford, Moi (Dave’s wife) is up north and the bike is ready to be picked up. No probs ; take Dave to Stockport… Until Aggy decides that it will be a good idea to take Adriane, her niece over from France for a week or three for a run. In reality, Aggy wants to go and play on the motorway on her 125.

No probs, you would think , but Aggy is none to happy with the thought of taking Dave on the back of the 125, not to mention what’s running through Dave’s head???

So Dave is to take the 125 with Aggy on the back and Adriane is on the back of the 1200 sportster with me.

After a test run (to see if the brakes work) Dave is happy with the 125 !!! We set off from Winsford. Nice and steady at first, then just nice and steady.

Onto the A 556, then the M 56 still nice and steady! Then I look at the speed: 60 to 65! The bugger’s had the thing flat out all the time. Must admit she did well, the old girl did.

Not too bad. About 50 mins to Stockport. Time for a coffee and a cig, and then it’s off to look round HDs.

What can I say? A lot of HDs and some more HDs, a Buell or three… All nice and shinny as you would expect.

Then it happened:

God help us! Aggy’s found that she can get her cute little ass on a low rider 883 then a 1200. AND get her feet on the floor.

I can feel the wallet in my pocket defying the laws of gravity and doing a runner for the roof. "I will have to pass my test first" she say’s. "Too bloody right you will my love". As it is now, she can only ride a 125cc bike but she can ride on a motorway and carry a passenger as she came from France with an A1 license.

The run home was ok, Dave’s bike is fine and Aggy got some needed practice on the motorway as the first week back from France we plan to go to Storming the castle, way up north in county Durham.

We went back to Dave’s later for a beer and barby,

The next day we went for a run out to the custom bike show at Hyde, on the east side of Manchester, so it’s the second time in two days that Aggy gets to play on the motorway. Off we go from Winsford and this time on the M56. Yea you got it! Round about Manchester airport all three lanes stopped, well she had to try filtering sooner or later! So. Forward gang, well it was not too bad; I did not see too much, being up the front so to speak, but when we stopped Dave told me "your aggy put the shits up me on the motorway when you went from the outside of lane 1 to the outside of lane 2: she tried to run over the top of the car that had stopped in front of her", "God, I said, I hope she did not scratch that bike of hers!"

The bike show was put on by The Rising Moon MCC from Hyde, and a nice little show it was. I do like the small shows as you get to meet some of the local folk and it shows the strength of the clubs and the work that most of them do for charity.

We met up with Tony from Liverpool who took the rat trophy, as he had done at the Last Wolf show a couple of weeks ago.

The run home was fine, both Harley’s being "on song" we took the chance to run down the A34 and then home, im not saying too much about the show the pics say it all.

Ride free and safe folks

Ya uncle oz