Hi from Oz & Aggy

Well now, where to begin? At the beginning you silly old sod, you can tell by this that Iím going insane,

The day started with a cup of tea and some sort of thought as to how to get my arse in gear. Itís Monday and the men with the big van are due to arrive at wheelock at 08.30! They land and I stand back and watch in amazement as they put all the stuff into the van in about 3 Ĺ hrs. It took me and Aggs over 7 days to pack that lot. In the arse end went little sister and away they went.

Sit down and look round ÖÖ. Shit! This cottage is a lot bigger when itís empty! OK, a cup of tea and we start to put in the car all the things that are left. God, I hope that I can get it all in ok??? Last look round and off into the unknown but itís not that bad. First we have to get to Dover; I will not bore you with that trip; just to say that it pissed it down all the way.

If you want a good laugh, try going to the south coast without booking somewhere to stay. I could spend a page telling you: "Sorry Sir, the only thing I have is one Jacuzzi room left it should be £160 BUT you can have it for £100" as soon as they say that I think "hello here is a dumb arsed northerner, lost and nowhere to stay".

So after running up and down some country lanes and dodging the floods we tried a few more and found a nice place near Ashford: bed for the night, evening meal and a few drinks breakfast in the morning and all for less then £100.

The crossing, yes well it was a bit rough but not too bad, off the other end and then set off for the last 800 km.

Got lost once in some place south of Le Mans: some kind sod had dug the dam road up, have you noticed that when they do this they take the road signs down as well???? Well they do this in France too???!!!.

Land at Aggyís mumís at gone midnight and roll out of the car, 793 mls, in total and Iím glad to see the back of it. Cup of tea and off to bed.

Wednesday, get up about midday to the sight of SUNSHINE and a temp of about 24c I know, shut up oz, but hell this is what we came all this way for.

Wednesday is a day of unpack the car, recovery, and a few drinks.

Thursday, go shopping for the big party on Saturday: its birthday time for 3 members of the family, and some more drinks.

Friday, went to see the new house for the first time; must say I like it, 4 bedrooms and a big garage. Itís 56 mls from mumís and the run time is about 1 Ĺ hrs but I hope to get this down to about 1 hr when I know the roads a bit better. Must say that I miss the idea of going down to the pub for a drink when I feel like it, a bit worrying but I suppose I will get used to it.

For the time being we still have the aol link but itís only on 56k dial up so itís a bit slow; not fast enough for pics as it costs mumís phone bill a lot if we start to use it, and she canít use the phone at the same time. Once we get a phone line in the house we should be ok.

Right then thatís all for nowÖ Going to find me a little drink before bedtime just for medicinal purposes you understand.

Ya uncle Oz and Aggy

Our French address: 13 rue E.F. Jomard Ė 79210 Mauzé sur le Mignon

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Well that was about a year ago; the plan was to send you lot an update about once a month???! Yea ok so that lot went up the wall, the thing is that its so different over here that you would not believe it all, I could spend the best part of a week or three telling you all about it, but I wonít, thank god I hear you say, what I will say is that in the last year I have bought and sold 2 bikes and made a bit of cash not a lot but itís a begainng, we have moved to a new house, bought this one, in fact there are 2 houses on the land?!, I will explain it when I see you all, that should be about late august.

Aggy is starting the 2nd year of her work in the I.U.F.M long story that one, and is doing well.

I bought a van,??!!!? well its sort of a shed on wheels, it passed its (French) M.O.T (witch lasts for 2 years), just before I bought it, I tell you now, on my life if I was to take this thing to an English mot shop I would have to pay the medical expenses of the staff they would have a hart attack, itís a mess and lets leave it at that.

After moving all the stuff from mauze to the new place we started work on the main house no one had lived in it for about 4 years so you can imagine what it was like.

This girl of mine is a wonder, she has worked on the house and with going to work as well she is looking forward to the summer hols, the place is not yet ready to receive folk from England, so if you land some parts of the place are like a builderís yard.

Hopeing you all are well its the 20th June today and I hope to send this off in a day or 3,

May your god go with you, (and if not, take some beer)

Keep the faith

Yea uncle oz.

Important info:

We now live at

7 chemin du bois

Le pont

79270 frontenay rohan rohan


Tel No from. england 0033549170276

New e-male ozhd@neuf.fr and agnesgiraud@neuf.fr